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One of the key leadership books that billionaire Jeff Bezos recommends for all his employees is Peter Drucker's, The Effective Executive.  In this episode Preston and Stig talk about the leadership lessons they learned from reading this book.

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In this episode, the investors talk to author of the "Modern Monetary System" - investing expect Cullen Roche.  Cullen talks about some of the different investments that billionaires are making in the current market conditions.  Additionally, he has a discussion about negative interest rates and how the banking system fundamentally works.

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In this episode of The Investor's Podcast, Preston and Stig read a book from Billionaire Oprah Winfrey.  Although this episode isn't the typical accounting and financial talk, the information discussed might be some of the most important information a person needs to be successful in life.

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In this episode, The Investor's Podcast mastermind group discusses a wide array of topics from oil, currencies, Japan, Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letters, and much more.

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