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In this episode of The Investor's Podcast, Preston and Stig discuss the newest book they read titled: The Escape from Balance Sheet Recession and Quantitative Easing Trap.  The book was written by the economist Richard Koo and he talks about the comparison between Japan in the 1990's and the World Ecomony today.  

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In this interview, author Gillian Zoe Segal, talks about her interviews with Warren Buffett and many other Billionaires.  In Gillian's new book, Getting There, she interviews 30 people that have become enormous sucesses.  Stig and Preston ask Gillian how she got the interviews and the best pieces of advice she was provided by her subjects.

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In this episode the Investors talk about the disruptive new digital currency technology that's growing around the world.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could eventual become a popular form of payment without limits across international boarders.  This is a fascinating discussion that you won't want to miss.

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In this episode of The Investor's Podcast, we explore the history and impact of the Federal Reserve.  As you will see, the Federal Reserve has the biggest impact on the growth and contraction of any other variable.  We discuss that variable, the money multiplier, in this episode.  

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